The von Veltheim Foundation at St. Marienberg convent in Helmstedt

1176 The Augustinian convent for canonesses is founded
1569 The reformation is established by Duke Julius
1754 The treaty of the von Veltheim family with Charles I, Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg about the eternal right of the position of abbess at St. Marienberg convent because of an exchange treaty
1848 Inauguration of the abbess Charlotte von Veltheim (16 years old)
1862 Move into the convent
1863 The Lower Saxon Parament Association is founded
1911 Abbess Charlotte von Veltheim dies
1911-1920 Abbess Louise von Veltheim
1920-1933 Abbess Clara von Veltheim (She resigns from the convent due to her marriage.)
1921 The foundation is established with the name “Domina Charlotte und Louise von Veltheim-Stiftung” (Abbess Charlotte and Louise von Veltheim Foundation)
1979 The name is changed to “von Veltheim-Stiftung beim Kloster St. Marienberg in Helmstedt” (von Veltheim Foundation at St. Marienberg convent in Helmstedt)
1989 Abbess Mechtild von Veltheim

The von Veltheim Foundation is a foundation under civil law with Helmstedt as its place of business. It is recognised as an ecclesiastical foundation. The organs of the foundation are the board of trustees and the board of directors. The chairman is the respective senior member of the von Veltheim family.

Among others, it is the purpose of the foundation to support paramentics by advising ecclesiastical legal entities and other persons as well as the support of decorating ecclesiastical and other spaces through the manufacture and maintenance of textiles.

It is a non-profit foundation and eligible to accepting donations.