Cleaning, maintenance, preservation and care

Besides the manufacturing of new paraments and the conservation of textile cultural assets, we offer wide-ranging services to our clients. These range from proposal preparation to design planning to cleaning, maintenance, care, preservation and proper storage. However, personal consultation matters most to us, which, if you like, can take place on-site. Contact us!

Insurance cases

It happens quite often that cases of damage which are pertinent to insurances take place. When this happens, an on-site assessment of the damage has to be carried out. Following this, a report on the damage has to be drawn up. This consists of a detailed description of the damage, an analysis of the cause of damage, an appraisal of the impact of this damage on the textile object (damage quality), the quantification of the resulting impairment as well as the estimation of cost for the necessary conservation or a new manufacturing. The calculation for the deprecation, especially for valuable objects, is based on certified appraisals by publicly appointed and sworn art surveyors.