Education and training

Arts and crafts without experience would be like a car without an engine. This is most certainly true for the manufacture of paraments. For us, it is both an incentive and a duty to pass on our knowledge and our abilities to the next generation. We have been an accredited training company for many years.

We do not consider the continuous further training and development of our textile designers in the craft of embroidery as a bothersome expense factor. We understand this to be lived quality assurance. Furthermore and depending on our capacities, we also offer trainees an insight into our work.

Seminars and lectures

In order to keep the tradition of paramentics alive, we also offer lectures and seminars on the topic. Members of parish councils and sextons participate in great number and do so enthusiastically. It is quite common for us to hear afterwards that the interior of a church is now viewed in a completely different way. Feel free to contact us.