Ecumenical chapel, Olympic stadium BerlinEv.-luth. Kirche Kloster St. Marienberg, HelmstedtEv.-luth. Kirche, St. Bartholomäus MeerbeckEv.-luth. Dorfkirche “Dreifaltigkeit”, Seboldshausen, Bad GandersheimEv.-luth. Theodor Fliedner Kirche, Marienstift BraunschweigEv.-luth. Kirche “Zum heiligen Leiden Christi”, StöckheimEv.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Martin-Chemnitz, BraunschweigEv.-luth. Christuskirche, ElisabethfehnSynagogue Liberale Jüdische Gemeinde, HannoverKath. Begegnungsstätte Kloster St. Ludgerus, Helmstedt
Ecumenical chapel, Olympic stadium Berlin
Ev.-luth. Kirche Kloster St. Marienberg, Helmstedt
Ev.-luth. Kirche, St. Bartholomäus Meerbeck
Ev.-luth. Dorfkirche “Dreifaltigkeit”, Seboldshausen, Bad Gandersheim
Ev.-luth. Theodor Fliedner Kirche, Marienstift Braunschweig
Ev.-luth. Kirche “Zum heiligen Leiden Christi”, Stöckheim
Ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Martin-Chemnitz, Braunschweig
Ev.-luth. Christuskirche, Elisabethfehn
Synagogue Liberale Jüdische Gemeinde, Hannover
Kath. Begegnungsstätte Kloster St. Ludgerus, Helmstedt


Our profession is paramentics. We have more than 150 years of professional experience for the creation of ornamental altar or pulpit hangings, chalice cloths and other liturgical textiles of utility. This also includes robes, stoles and gowns for pastors, deacons, lectors and choristers. We unite art and craftsmanship at the highest level, which positions us among the best in our field.

Paraments are an essential part of the worship liturgy. Together with the altar and the pulpit they ornament the central places of Christian proclamation. They veil and reveal at the same time. They function as an eye-catcher, even though they are meant to point to something beyond themselves – to the revelation and proclamation of the risen Christ!

However, paraments are never ready-made, but always unique. They have to integrate themselves into the ecclesiastical space in question, its existing decoration and lighting conditions. And, of course, they are also always an expression of the local congregation's understanding of faith. That is why, for us, the manufacture of a parament is a collaborate project. Your given conditions and our expertise guarantee the uniqueness of each project.

Order fulfilment

  • Establishing contact
  • Date arrangement
  • Individual consultation on-site or at the workshop
  • Design creation
  • Decision through the congregation
  • Estimate of cost
  • Placing of the order
  • Artisanal realisation


  • Paraments, altar textiles etc.
  • Robes, monastic garments, stoles, chasubles, albs etc.
  • Christening and burial robes
  • Wall hangings 

Work techniques

Work techniques

Silk shading
Contour technique
Walk-behind machine embroidery

Ecclesiastical white textiles

Richelieu embroidery
Pulled-thread embroidery
Altar textiles


Bespoke tailoring