Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions form the basis of every order fulfilment:

1. Consultation
The first consultation at the parament workshop is free of charge. Concerning the first on-site consultation at the congregation, there are no charges within the district of the state church Braunschweig or within a radius of 150 km. For congregations outside of this area, the additional travel expenses are charged proportionately. In the case of an order being placed, these amounts will be deducted. If there are further consultations and the manufacturing of designs follows, we have to charge for these expenses, should no order be placed.

2. Copyright
The copyright on all manufacturing remains with the parament workshop of the von Veltheim Foundation.

3. Purchase order
All orders have to be placed in written form. The delivery time will be made known individually.

Delivery takes place at the risk of the client via the postal service or a private transport company, depending on the scope of the delivery. The charges for shipping and packaging are at the expense of the client.

Transit insurance
If so desired, a transit insurance can be procured at the expense of the purchaser.

4. Consignment on approval and sending of samples
Consignments on approval and the sending of samples will be realized noncommittally according to the terms and conditions. Return consignments of unselected goods have to be sent back to Helmstedt at the expense of the client. If consignments on approval and samples are not returned within 30 days, they will be charged to the client’s account. If consignments on approval and the sending of samples should require a longer period of time, this has to be communicated. Stained clothing or textiles as part of a consignment on approval and the sending of samples will be cleaned at the purchaser’s expense.

5. Complaints
Complaints have to be communicated within two weeks. We do not assume liability for the incorrect handling of textiles.

6. Model changes
The workshop reserves the right of changes which become necessary because of technical and economic considerations. They will be communicated before the completion of a contract.

7. Pricing
All prices apply including 7 % VAT. Once a new catalogue is published, all prices found in previous catalogues become invalid. Price alterations because of personnel and/or material expenses before the completion of a contract are reserved.

8. Custom-made products
In the case of custom-made products, the measurements or manufacturing of which have to be changed, the additional costs will be made known before the commission is realised.

9. Payment method
Payment within two weeks without deduction. Longer dates of payment by arrangement only. 

10. Place of jurisdiction
Helmstedt is agreed upon for both parts.